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I am a very avid reader, it is one of my favorite pastimes. This page will feature the current book I am reading, since I usually take pictures of them with my coffee or food. These aren’t all the books I have read by far, jus the ones I have taken pictures of. I think it will be a nice addition to the blog. My newer reads are towards the bottom, I am not sure how to get the page sorted to ‘newest to oldest’. Feel free to comment if you have read the same book(s) or with a recommendation of one I should read. Follow my Tik Tok for more update posts about books I am reading @allisonreads

The Ballad of Song Birds and snakes

This is a prequel to The Hunger Games series. It takes readers back to see President Snow growing up. I really enjoyed it. 4.5/5

More than Enough

This is a really good memoir to read, especially is you are in your early 20s. It tells you how you shouldn’t doubt yourself as much as you might and to keep fighting for what you want in life 4/5

Crazy rich asians

I read this book after seeing the movie, and per usual the book is always better. 4/5

The tattooist of aushwitz

An amazing story about love and the things that keep people going during the hardest time, based on a true story of WWII. 5/5, a must read


A love story about grief, loss, and self-discovery, and how we choose which life we are meant to live. 3/5


A retelling of the Greek goddess Circe. 3.5/5


This book is very intense right from the beginning. It is hard to read at times, but sheds light on what life is like for some people. 3/5


This was my favorite book of 2020. It is so beautifully told and the plot twists are crazy. Then the ending breaks your heart, but in a happy way if that is even possible. 10/5

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Little fires everywhere

As much as I enjoyed this book, I think it was really overhyped. My Grandmother gave it to me to read and she absolutely loved it. The story is slow at first but gets really interesting towards the end. 3/5

All that you leave behind

A really touching memoir about the lessons a dad taught his daughter. If you cry easily, be prepared. 5/5

The red daughter

A novel about Joseph Stalin’s daughter escaping Russia and the life she creates for herself in America. I really enjoyed this book though it was hard to keep focused reading it at times. 3.5/5

city of girls

A really fun, coming of age story set in New York City during the 1940s. 4/5


This is a story about how a family moves through life together and the tragedies they go through. It talks about learning to accept the decisions of others even though we disagree because we love them. 4/5


The Outlander series is probably my favorite, this is the fourth book. I love them because it is historical fiction, adventure, fantasy(ish) and romance all in once. 5/5


Here is another book I felt was overhyped. It took me weeks to read this, it is very slow for a long time. Right up until the end, but at this time all the small details from the book come together and you are amazed at how it ends. 3.5/5

Dark Places

I have been trying to read this book for two weeks now and I am only half way through. I thought it would be a good idea to switch up my genres but I am not really a thriller/murder mystery fan. It is a good book though.

The Lost Apothecary

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