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What are you Reading Wednesday: April 20, 2022


Another post for WWW Wednesday! This is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words! All you have to do is answers the following three questions:

What are you currently reading?

What are you reading next?

What did you recently finish?

Disclaimer: I try not to write about any plots or major story points ever, so that I don’t accidentally ruin the book for someone.

I have finished two books recently: Once There Were Wolves and Reminders of Him. Once There Were Wolves was definitely my favorite of the two. It was a really good story about a project for reintroducing wolves to Scotland to help the country rewild and combat climate change. But this story also dives into the characters backstories, which I really liked. The way it was written in general was just very refreshing, I loved the style. There was even a plot twist I had no idea was coming! I am recommending this book to everyone now haha

Reminders of Him was also a good story, it was a normal Colleen Hoover book that is very predictable but you also can’t stop reading it. I would recommend to anyone who likes to read her books or just needs something quick to read/wants to switch up genres.

I haven’t actually started this one yet because I just finished Reminders of Him like 10 minutes ago but after I write this I will most likely start this books so I am technically currently reading Neon Gods. I don’t know much about this book other than it is supposed to be a Mythology retelling. I am excited to see where it goes and who it is about.

I swear the next books I read will be the last three books in the Throne of Glass series. I was taking a one book break in between books but one book turned to 4 apparently. So once I am done with Neon Gods, I am reading Empire of Storms, Tower of Dawn and Kingdom of Ash with no breaks. I am thrilled to see how this series is wrapped up and to see what events unfold in these final books.

I think I have been putting off reading finishing the series because I will be very sad to have no more books to look forward to with these characters. 🙁

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