Ladies who Drunch: Six \ West

Celebrating a birthday is as good a reason as any to try out a new brunch spot. Over the weekend was my roommate’s birthday, so the three of us ventured all the way to South Boston to try a restaurant we have been talking about for months. They have cute, individual huts that allow each party to have their own space, which is something we really enjoyed. The atmosphere here is great. The staff is super nice and welcoming. And on top of that, the food is AMAZING.

The Ladies who attended this Drunch

Before we begin, here are some links to check out Six West: @sixwestbroadway (instagram)

We started off our trip by ordering our drinks, which is truly the only way to start a proper birthday brunch celebration. Something we all really liked was that Six West does a special shot of the day called “Let’s talk about six”. On the day we visited the shot was gin, lemon juice and raspberry liqueur. We had to order one round to start the day because the birthday girl loves gin. We definitely ordered a second round too, but that came later in the trip when we got our food.

For the drinks:

I tried the “Berry the Hatchet” margarita. This was made with milagro tequila, sherry, berry medley, fig balsamic vinegar, lemon, and soda. I really enjoyed this, though it was a bit too sweet for my liking.

Alex got a guava mimosa, which is basically self explanatory. Guava juice and Champange.

Ciara tried the Hurricane Prado. This one came in a super fun tiki glass with flower on top. It was made with flor de caña 7 year, rhum jm blanc, pomegranate, passionfruit, and lime.

Now, the part we have all been waiting for… THE FOOD! Everything on their brunch menu sounded amazing. It was so hard to choose, but we all finally made our choices and got to order.

I decided to try their Brunch Burger. This burger was an 8 oz. burger, bacon, fried egg, garlic aioli, and American cheese on a pretzel roll served with a side of the most amazing fries. It was giant, but so good that I wanted to keep eating it. I would have liked the burger cooked a bit more, but that was definitely just a personal preference. Other than that, I can’t think of anything wrong with this meal.

Alex got an egg white omelet with tomatoes and spinach, hash browns and a side salad. A very healthy brunch. She really enjoyed this and her hash browns looked amazing from where I was sitting. Alex has some dietary preferences, so she enjoyed that Six West was very accommodating to her having a gluten and dairy free meal.

Ciara got the breakfast pizza. WOW. This came out and was the most amazing looking plate on our table for sure. This pizza had sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, garlic aioli, and American cheese all on top of a grilled flatbread. Next time we go, I have already decided that this is what I am ordering.

For fun, and because it was Ciara’s birthday, we also ordered the Jumbo Cinnamon roll. I don’t think I have ever seen a cinnamon roll so big or tasted one that was so delicious. The secret to this is their use of cinnamon crunch cereal. I think that is what really makes the difference. But the dough was fresh and fluffy; the frosting was superb and not too sweet as to overpower the pastry. 10/10, everyone needs to try this.

Overall rating:

Allison 8/10: I really enjoyed my time here. I loved the drinks and the food. I think the drinks were too sweet and the little huts could have some more décor or something but there really aren’t any downsides to coming to Six West. If you are looking for a fun place to chill with a group of friends and enjoy some food in your own personal space, this restaurant should be your go to.

Ciara 7/10: Everything was good- atmosphere, food, drinks. Cinnamon roll was amazing. But I’ve also had places that hit it out of the park.

Alex 6.5/10: Drinks were the highlight for me. I liked the atmosphere and how they had a healthy option for food. the hash browns were my favorite part of the meal. Not my favorite brunch spot but pretty good, I would love to summer night drinks here though!

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