Allison makes Whipped Coffee


After three or four months of seeing this “whipped coffee” trend on all social media platforms, and months of me saying that’s cool but I don’t think I’ll try it… I have finally fallen victim. I woke up and I placed my mobile coffee order at Starbucks (Venti Iced Blonde Americano, black) and added some instant coffee packets to my order this time. I got dressed quickly and walked to my local Starbucks (which was sold out of the fun, new color changing cups.. very sad). It was crazy hot and humid outside for only being 7:15am, I was shocked. Anyway, after getting my drink and my instant coffee packets I sped walked home, and also chugged my americano in the process because it was SO warm out, to make my first “whipped coffee”.

I got the Pike Place blend of instant coffee from Starbucks, I figured a good classic was the way to go.

According to the Internet, the general recipe for making this type of coffee is 2 Tablespoons of Instant Coffee, 2 Tablespoons of some type of sugar, and 2 Tablespoons of boiling water. I am not a fan of sweet coffees and I almost always drink my coffee black, so I was a more than a little apprehensive about using sugar to make this. I also wasn’t sure if the sugar was a necessary part in what makes the coffee fluffy, so I just used 1 Tablespoon in my mixture.

To mix, or whip I guess, my instant coffee mixture I used this little hand frother that came with my French Press. I usually use this when I try to make iced lattes and it works pretty good. I have never really tried to use it for making things extra fluffy but there is always a first time for everything!

I tried to be dairy free as much as I can, sometimes I do slip and eat all the dairy in the world but, hey, that’s just life! In my mason jar, I put a hand full of ice cubes and filled it half way with oat milk (Oatly is my go-to!) . After trying to froth my coffee mixture for around 10 minutes, I got kind of bored and also I had work to do (on the work from home grind today), so I just poured my mostly fluffed mixture on top of my oat milk and called it a day.

Even though mine wasn’t as fluffy and pretty as all of the Instagram versions, it still tasted REALLY good. So, if you can’t get your coffee to look exactly like what you have seen on social media, don’t worry about it!! It will be delicious no matter what.

This is how my final product turned out.. Even though it wasn’t as fluffy as I expected it to be, it was still super good!

Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee, if we’re being fancy)

2 tablespoons Instant Coffee

2 tablespoons Sugar (I used cane sugar, but any sugar works.. Its just preference)

2 tablespoons boiling water

About 1 cup milk (again, this is totally your preference, it won’t make a difference in the final product)

Ice (if you are making it cold)

Hand frother, whisk, stand mixer, or whatever you are going to use to whip you instant coffee mixture

To a small bowl add the instant coffee, sugar and boiling water. Mix these together until they are fluffy, depending on the tool you are using for mixing this could take from 5 to 15 minutes, maybe longer. Add some ice to a glass with your milk. Once your desired consistency has been reached, pile your coffee mixture on top of you ice and milk. Grab a straw (reusable if possible!) and enjoy!

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