Ladies who Drunch: The Broadway

It is definitely no secret that I am a big enthusiast when it comes to brunch. Guess who else is? Almost all of my friends! Crazy, right? Due to these facts, I am starting a new series on my blog called “Ladies who Drunch”. In this first edition, my friends and I visited The Broadway in South Boston to start our Saturday with mimosa towers and an incredible variety of breakfast foods!

Ladies who Drunch

The Broadway

My friends and I chose this location based almost entirely off of one thing: mimosa towers. We had all heard that their food was great and that it was a place we had to try. Like a lot of people we were like “Yeah, totally! We have to go sometime!”, without ever making actual plans to go.

And then everything changed when I was watching stories on Instagram. I was clicking too fast through them, like I usually do and had to back track because I thought I saw something that couldn’t be. Was that a tower of alcohol? At brunch? I wasn’t able to find the story I thought I saw but I mentioned to my fellow Ladies who Drunch that I thought they had mimosa towers.

These suspicions were confirmed after a look at the menu and from that moment on everyone was on board for our first trip to The Broadway.

Our mimosa tower

In additional to the mimosa towers, the Broadway has an amazing brunch menu. Choosing what to order took what seemed like forever. Everything sounded so amazing! How do you decide?! Just order one of everything?? They had brunch style pizzas, pancakes and French toasts, classic breakfasts, brunch bowls, literally anything you could want. We ended up with a pretty yummy variety of food between the four of us. Please enjoy the following photos:

Caitlyns Monkey Bread brunch appetizer (Yes, it’s a thing)
Alex’s forbidden rice bowl
Caitlyns breakfast bowl
Voula and I shared these buttermilk pancakes. They were perfect.
Voula and I also shared this amazing breakfast pizza. It had eggs (duh), bacon, hash browns. Just incredible.

The Ladies who Drunch would give the Broadway the following scores (averaged between our four responses)

Food: 7.5; Alex says that while not a lot of the choices were okay for her dietary res frictions (gluten and dairy) they did have some really good options for her to choose from

Drinks: 8.75; Caitlyn comments that we only had the mimosa tower, but if she’d had one of their other cocktails her rating (7) would be higher. Definitely just means we have to go back!

Atomsphere: 7.25; it was really nicely decorated and spacious on the inside. There was definitely a young, celebratory vibe there but it was also very loud and felt like you had to yell when talking to all the people at your table.

Overall experience: 23.5/30

Pretty strong score for our First Ladies who Drunch meeting!

Finally, please enjoy this video of our mimosa tower

Where are the Ladies who Drunch heading next?

Who knows, but we can assure you it will be in Boston and there will be drinks. Tune in March 1st for more Drunch adventures.

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