Allison LOVES Tacos


Did somebody say tacos? Because I love tacos! Who wouldn’t?! They are a perfect food. The perfect size; the perfect ratio of filling; the perfect amount of options. I could go on and on.

Tacos are a strong contender in the race to win Allison’s heart and claim first prize as her favorite food. Here are some of my favorite places to eat them:

Tacos de Asada, Condesa

Condesa, Smithfield RI: Getting tacos from Condesa is always a pleasant experience because you get more than just tacos. Literally though. They give you chips, salsa, rice and beans too, even with take out (which preferred by me). This is one of my favorite restaurants for many reasons but mainly because the food is always delicious and it happens to be about two minutes down the road from my college.

I have two orders when I come here: Quesadilla Al Pastor or Tacos de Asada. Since this post is about tacos, I am gonna tell you all about how amazing these tacos are. They are incredible. The tacos de asada consist of grilled steak, onions, cilantro and avocado sauce. All these things mix beautifully together in each bite, making a lovely eating experience.

BarTaco, West Hartford CT:

This restaurant has an amazing assortment of tacos. Eating tacos here, I couldn’t get enough. I just wanted to keep ordering them because I felt like I could eat them forever. I have to be thankful that there are no bartaco locations near where I live, otherwise I would spend all my money there on their tacos. I tried the chicken pastor tacos and the mojo pork carnitas tacos.

Tacos featured here: Chicken Pastor, Crispy Rock Shrimp, Mojo Pork Carnitas, Portobello

Chicken Pastor: these were definitely better than your average chicken tacos and for sure is a solid food choice if you’re not an adventurous eater or don’t like other tacos on the menu. There is definitely a lot of flavor in them and they are worth trying.

Mojo Pork Carnitas: Now, the real star of bartaco’s line up, in my opinion, are these tacos. I am a huuuuuge carnitas fan, so automatically I consider anything with pork carnitas to be amazing! But bartaco does a lovely job at keeping the pork meat extremely flavorful and juicy. They pair it beautifully with cilantro and onions on top. I always squeeze some lime juice on to them and add a bit of green salsa. You really don’t need to add much to these tacos because on their own, there is just so much flavor.

Xaco Taco, Carnitas and Steak tacos

Xaco Taco, Providence RI: I have only been here once but it is a new favorite. Their menu offers a great selection of tacos, with the option to buy them individually or get a platter with two tacos (of the same kind) and rice with beans. Xaco Taco has various “taco happy hours” each day, when you are able to get $2 tacos!! A pretty amazing deal.

I ~shockingly~ got the carnitas tacos on a platter because who doesn’t want a side of rice and beans?! The service was quick, which was nice because I was starving. These tacos were stuffed with food, it was awesome. On the carnitas tacos, other toppings included an avocado tomatillo sauce and chicharones. They had the perfect amount of spicy elements to them, it mixed well with the cool avocado and the juicy pork. Overall experience 12/10, highly recommend!

Las Olas, Wells ME

Other Notable Mentions:

Baja’s, Thayer St. Providence RI: This is more of a “create your own”, walk-in, fast food style place, but it is definitely a Providence staple. Their tacos are definitely a solid option if you want something quick instead of actually having to seated at a restaurant. They have a pretty sizeable menu with waay more than just tacos.

Las Olas, Wells ME: Similar to a chipotle but better in my opinion because its pretty much all local food products and freshly made

Viva Mexico, Providence RI: Obviously have to put this in here! Great Mexican food all around, with very yummy tacos as well!

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