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After a busy last month of school, I am finally done for the summer! I’ve been out for about a week and immediately had to start my internship (yay, money! Boo, no vacation). But despite that, I am looking forward to finally having time to do one of my favorite things, write about food!

In this post, I am going to dive right into talking about one of America’s most beloved pastimes. No, not baseball. Brunch!! We all know that the best way to avoid the ‘Sunday Scaries’ is by getting all the girls together, heading out to your favorite brunch spot and ordering the mimosas…or maybe that’s just my friends and I. No matter what your style is, brunch is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, old or young.

My absolute favorite new brunch spot is Milk Money in Providence, Rhode Island. I found this place one morning during my last semester, when my friend and I woke up and decided on a whim that we wanted to have ourselves a proper brunch that Sunday morning. I quickly Googled ‘brunch providence’ and TripAdvisor had Milk Money listed as a hot new spot. The pictures looked cool and the food looked amazing so, I called at 11 and made an 11:30 reservation for my friend and I.

We walked in, and were brought right to our table, it was just before their busiest time of the day. We were each given menus and without even having to look, ordered our mimosas. Our drinks came while we were looking over the menu, which looked amazing. This is one of the first places I have been to for brunch where the menu featured a starters section, called First Bites. Starters! For Brunch! In this section, you can order some of the most delicious, fresh French Toast Sticks you will ever have. MAJOR THROWBACK. Aside from the French toast, the First Bites section includes things like Irish Brown Bread and Fritters, each with Milk Money’s own special twist to make it unique and probably the best you have had.

Their menu is new American style breakfast food, but with a modern twist. They serve classic Eggs Benedict but also have Salmon Toast; a Yogurt Bowl but also Chilaquiles.  Each item is homemade, so you are guaranteed great food no matter what your choice is. My first time here, I ordered the Benedict and it was fabulous. The homemade hollandaise sauce was to die for and the egg was poached perfectly. The second trip I made here, I was really craving home-fries and, just my luck, Milk Money has a dish called ‘Two for me, Not for you’. Ordering this gets you two eggs, cooked how you like them, with sides of toast and home-fries!

The big idea of their menu is that each main dish is served tapas style, and the table is meant to order multiple dishes for everyone to share. The servers explain this to you as you are seated and handed the menu. Tapas are a big part of Spanish culture that dates back centuries. Bartenders and restaurant owners created small, pre-made dishes to serve with their wines in an attempt to increase their sales. Sometimes these dishes were even used as samples of larger dishes.

Unfortunately, my friends and I have never participated in Milk Money’s tapas culture. Each time, we all order our own things, as the dishes are a good size for each one of us to enjoy. Hopefully in the future I get to experience their menu in its intended form. It is definitely a great way to sample each of the plates and try new foods!

Allison’s must haves:


Country Sausage Links (in the sides section)

Cold-Brew Coffee

Milk Money is located at 566 South Water Street in Providence, Rhode Island and is described as a “Hip New American eatery with shareable dishes and craft cocktails in a rustic-industrial digs”. They serve way more than just brunch; for their lunch, dinner and cocktail menus, and to stay updated as their menus are subject to seasonal changes, visit their website at

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